Steph Parry – Sales & Operations Director

BOSS Acoustics was established by Steph Parry after nearly a decade working in the acoustics sector for one of the UK’s leading manufacturers.

Steph has built up a network of carefully selected product designers, material suppliers and manufacturers enabling BOSS Acoustics to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of the highest quality acoustic products at very competitive prices.

For Steph the main driver behind BOSS Acoustics is to simplify the process of purchasing soundproofing materials and ensure you get the right products delivered at the right time and at the right price.

BOSS Acoustics offer a broad range of products that can be combined in a variety of different systems to create a bespoke solution tailored to suit your particular acoustic requirements and budget.

Everything you need to create a quieter environment can be ordered and delivered to you directly through our brand new E-commerce platform and Steph and the BOSS Acoustics team are always on hand if you need any advice or technical support in selecting the right products for your project.


David Holder MSEE AMIOA – Technical Director

Dave joined BOSS Acoustics as our Technical Director with over 40 years of experience providing acoustic solutions in the built environment and over his extensive and distinguished career he has worked for most of the major players in this field in the UK so what Dave doesn’t know about acoustics isn’t worth hearing!!!

Dave says as a new company BOSS Acoustics presents a fantastic challenge that draws on all of my professional experience and allows a dynamic and unfettered approach in resolving all of our customers acoustic problems.

BOSS Acoustics are, in my opinion, unique in the UK because we focus on providing bespoke acoustic material solutions that our customers can incorporate with their own materials quickly and effectively to create high performance acoustic systems.

This approach has been particularly effective for our customers in alleviating problems caused by material shortages due to the Covid Pandemic and Brexit.

BOSS Acoustics work with innovative and like-minded material manufacturers and suppliers enabling us to offer this unique approach to meet the specific and individual requirements of our customers.

We have expertise in all areas of sound insulation and control and offer a full range of acoustic solutions for all market sectors.

I have a wealth of experience in construction acoustics and I am happy to help in the specification process.

If you have any problems or issues in this area please contact the BOSS Acoustics team and I am sure we will be able to help, and if not we probably know someone who can!