Acoustic Absorption Panels Products

Acoustic Absorption Panels

The BOSS Acoustics Absorption Panel range for walls and ceilings not only look aesthetically pleasing but will also help to resolve your reverberation noise issues. 

BOSS Acoustics Absorption Panels help to absorb unwanted sound waves, reducing general noise, helping clarify speech frequencies, and limiting reverberation within the chosen space.

You may have a multiple purpose function room or hall which is used for presentations, theatre productions, sports and social events but experience problems with sound reverberation and echoes.

We can help to eradicate these issues with our high performance absorption panels which are pleasing to the eye and very effective at improving the acoustics of an indoor space. 

We have a broad range of designs and colour palettes available to suit your interior design requirements. Maybe you require bold and bright for an educational setting or warm and subtle for an office or meeting room environment and we can also compliment your corporate branding.

For more information regarding our Absorption Panel Range for walls and ceilings please contact the BOSS Acoustics Team.