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Acoustic Ceilings

BOSS Acoustics can advise on the best products and systems to use when looking to soundproof a ceiling whether you need to meet current UK Building Regulations (Part E for England and Wales, Section 5 for Scotland and Part G for Northern Ireland) due to the property being designated a change of use to flats or house of multiple occupation (HMO) or alternatively you may be constructing a new build property

Our Isocheck 70mm Acoustic Hangers allow decoupling of the ceiling from the building structure and increase the airspace beneath a timber or concrete separating floor and when used with Acoustifix Metal Frame (MF) as part of a full acoustic system will achieve excellent results.

If ceiling height is an issue in your building project BOSS Acoustics can provide Acoustifix Deeper Resilient Bars which have been designed to give enhanced acoustic performance combined with a more user friendly installation process.  The increased depth of the Deeper Resilient Bar in comparison with standard resilient bars creates a 30mm void which further enhances the overall acoustic performance when used as part of a full system.

One of the most common complaints we receive are customers looking to upgrade their current ceiling in a domestic property due to issues with hearing the neighbours above whether that be television and conversations (airborne noise) or people walking around (impact noise). 

Ideally the best way to fully soundproof would be to treat the floor and ceiling but in most cases we find this is not possible.  Here at BOSS Acoustics we provide solutions for all noise nuisance situations and our Isocheck Isowave 23 Ceiling Panels are perfect if only the ceiling can be acoustically treated and this is also a great option for home cinemas and studios

The performance of the Isocheck Isowave 23 Ceiling Panels can be further enhanced by combining with our Isocheck Isobloc and Isobar system to achieve outstanding results.

Please contact the BOSS Acoustics Team who are here to help and guide you on the best products to achieve the acoustic performance that you require.