Acoustic Flooring Products

Acoustic Flooring

BOSS Acoustics has a wide selection of acoustic flooring products to suit your project needs and as part of a full soundproofing system will ensure that the airborne and impact performance you require is achieved.

Whether you have a requirement to meet UK Building Regulations  (Part E for England and Wales, Section 5 for Scotland and Part G for Northern Ireland) or have a domestic noise issue and are currently suffering from noisy neighbours or maybe you are just looking to upgrade a property, the acoustic flooring range at BOSS Acoustics can provide you with the right solution.

Your choice of flooring materials include direct to joist structural boards such as our Acoustifix Deck 32T & 37T or overlay boards such as Acoustifix Deck 17T, 26T & 30T and products from our Rubber Material Range like our SoundStrata Mat 15 which can achieve outstanding impact and airborne results.

The bespoke acoustic solutions we offer are designed to be cost effective and ensure you meet the desired performance outcome whether you are working with concrete, steel or timber frame construction.

Please feel free to contact the BOSS Acoustics Team to discuss your individual requirements.