Acoustic Rubber Materials Products

Acoustic Rubber Materials

BOSS Acoustics rubber-based materials are mainly used to improve airborne noise such as TVs and music and also the problem of low frequency impact noise issues which are usually caused by footfall.

We offer both over screed and under screed solutions to fulfill this requirement with some innovative products giving benefits in addition to the acoustic enhancement they provide.

SoundStrata 5kg & 10kg Barrier Mats offer a very thin solution for adding additional mass to lightweight constructions which reduces the problem associated with footfall and also TV noise and bass frequencies in music and is often used in studios to eliminate the issues associated with noise break in and break out.

SoundStrata Fleece + is a new and innovative acoustic material offering both enhanced impact and airborne performance when used as part of an acoustic system but due to its high tog rating it also adds to the overall level of thermal insulation achieved as well.

SoundStrata Over Screed allows underfloor heating to be used effectively underneath the product as this material has a very low thermal resistance, thus allowing the heat to travel through unabated.

SoundStrata Sheen Under Screed is an exclusive product which combines both the recycled/recyclable rubber isolation material necessary for good impact performance with a factory laminated damp proof membrane (DPM). This negates the need for a separate DPM to be used which saves time for the customer and ensures that the product can be installed quickly and easily.

SoundStrata Mat 15 combines both mass in the form of two 7.5 kg Barrier Mats along with an acoustic foam infill that provides the necessary flexibility/resilience. This combination adds both airborne and impact enhancement to the overall chosen acoustic system.

For more information and advice regarding our Rubber Material Range please contact the BOSS Acoustics Team.