Acoustic Walls Products

Acoustic Walls

BOSS Acoustics offer a variety of high performance products to help upgrade/ soundproof your walls whether that be an existing wall, party wall or new wall construction in flat conversions, in houses of multiple occupation (HMO’s) or new build projects.

You may be looking for sound reductions in airborne noise to comply with UK Building Regulations (Part E for England and Wales, Section 5 for Scotland and Part G for Northern Ireland) or you may want to just improve noise reverberation issues. At BOSS Acoustics we have acoustic wall solutions to meet all of your requirements and which can be tailored to suit your individual project needs.

We receive a lot of calls from customers wanting to build a home cinema and for this you will want to achieve excellent room acoustics and ensure that you eliminate reverberation issues. You will also want to prevent cross-noise leaking into other rooms in your house or your neighbours property. We have a variety of products to assist with this including our Absorption Panels Range and our Technical Team can advise on the best products for your particular project. 

Our Isocheck Isowave 23 Wall Panels have been designed for the treatment of excessive flanking sound that bypasses a separating floor via lightweight structural walls. They are ideal for upgrading a separating or external masonry wall which is causing flanking noise transmission and which is often revealed as the cause of a separating floor test failure or they can be used on independent stud work to upgrade an existing separating wall that is found to perform poorly for airborne sound transmission.  When incorporated with our Isocheck Isobloc and Isobar products this will achieve outstanding results.

Please contact our technical team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.